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Increase sales effortlessly

We bring visibility to your brand with no integrations or maintenance.

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Starcart benefits for merchants

Starcart is a platform that aggregates product information, price, and delivery terms into our service and buys products from your store for the customer.

Increase sales & visibility

Customers can easily find and buy products from the shops listed on our site. We provide additional sales channels while maintaining your brands visibilty.

Zero integrations or upkeep

Unlike most price comparison sites or marketplaces, our service requires zero effort from you. We automatically add your information to our site with no integrations or maintenance.

Customer relationship stays with you

Even though Starcart buys items for the customer, we do not hide or keep the customer data from you. We connect you to your customers with no commissions.

Info for merchants

How does Starcart work?Read more.

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For general inquiries, feedback or additional information, please contact us at info@starcart.com.
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