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How Starcart works

Starcart automatically brings you the best deals on items from multiple shops. Buy anything from anywhere with a single cart.

Find & compare items

You can search for thousands of products on Starcart to easily compare the price and delivery terms from multiple stores.

Add items to My Starcart

When you add items to My Starcart we automatically pick the store with the best price and shipping on your behalf. We optimize and compare the whole cart keeping it up to date with the smartest way to buy no matter the how many items you add.

Buy with ease

Buy everything through Starcart with one easy, secure checkout. Choose invoice or credit to keep track of your purchases and only handle one bill from multiple shops.

Frequently asked questions

Are you a merchant or a store? Read more here.

Looking for something else?

For general inquiries, feedback or additional information, please contact us at help@starcart.com.
We look forward to hearing from you.